Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haruhi vs. Kyon Order

According to, Haruhi order was chronological and Kyon order was the TV broadcast. Am I the only one confused by that? WHICH ONE DO I VOTE FOR GUYS!?


Friday, January 12, 2007

Air Gear the Musical

Okay, I'll admit I haven't really watched that much Air Gear, and I only read the first volume or so of the manga. I also was under the impression that Air Gear wasn't one of the most popular things around. If that's the case, someone please explain why there's a musical now. The opening page doesn't give me much hope, as it features Ikki and his gang doing their best ballet imitation. Browsing the cast page isn't terrible, and the characters look their parts. Likewise, the Q&A page has a few photos that have not caused me to give up all hope on this thing. However, I do have one very important question: Where are all the chicks? I distinctly remember Air Gear being loaded with babes. And yet there isn't even a sign of Simca or Ringo on that page! What is the world coming to? At the moment, the closest thing we've got to a girl is Akito/Agito, and that's not inspiring.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

2Kids Strikes Again

I don't know how many of you watched Casey & Friends, but apparently 2Kids had decided to license another series. This time it's Death Note. Kid friendly? Very.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

abridged abridged anime!

I feel bad leaving topleka out to dry here, and I've been watching lots of stuff and just not reviewing it. Until I get my act together, I offer these quickies which should give you an idea about what's happening, bad as they are :-D

Rukia: If you want to protect your family, you must become a Soul Reaper!
Ichigo: Okay! (proceeds to kill things with giant sword)
Ishida: I don't like Soul Reapers.
Ichigo: What?! (proceeds to kill things with giant sword)
Renji: By giving powers to this human, Rukia, you face the death penalty!
Ichigo: Rescue!! (proceeds to kill things with giant sword)
Aizen: Hahahaha all goes according to my evil plan!
Ichigo: RUKIA!! (proceeds to kill things with giant sword)
Kariya: I'll destroy everything to avenge my fallen race!
Ichigo: PROTECT!! (proceeds to kill things with giant sword)

Tokiko: The Kakugane I've given you will let you live, but I don't want you getting involved in my fight against the Homonculi.
Kazuki: I have the power to protect my friends, and I'll use it!! (beats Homonculus)
Tokiko: Wow, that was pretty good. Okay, but seriously, I don't want you to get involved, you should focus on returning to your normal life.
Kazuki: Oh no, Tokiko is in danger! I have to protect her! (beats Homonculus)
Tokiko: Hmm, that's actually pretty impressive... but no, really now, you shouldn't get involved in...
Chouno: I am a beautiful butterfly XD XD XD
Kazuki: You crazy, fool! (beats Chouno)
Chouno: Grrrrr, revenge!!
Tokiko: Is... anyone listening to me?
Dr. Butterfly: Soon the ultimate warrior will be born, who is above both human and homonculus!
(And they all fight)

(Britannia Empire pwns Japan!)
C.C.: I'll grant you this power if you fulfill my one wish.
Lelouch: Okay, cool. Hey, soldier guys, kill yourselves.
Soldier guys: Yes, sir! (kablammo)
Lelouch: This power is totally sweet. I'll use it to overthrow the Brittania Empire! Okay, resistance group, follow me if you want to live.
Kallen: Who is this guy?
Lelouch: Hey Clovis, I'm in your base, killing your dudes.
Clovis: OH, I AM SLAIN! (dies)
Lloyd: Hey Suzaku, I know you're Japanese and technically now allowed to fly these awesome robots Britannia uses, but go stop the rebels.
Suzaku: Britannia should be reformed from the inside... I'll do it! (beats rebels)
Lelouch: Crap. I need to train them to be better soldiers...
Cornelia: Clovis was an idiot, I'll root out those terrorists once and for all.
Lelouch: Those with power, fear us! Those without power, seek us! We are the Black Knights! We exist to defend the weak from the strong!

Light: Huh, a notebook? "The person whose name is written here will die." Yeah, right. (Tries it anyway on a criminal. Criminal dies.) This is the real deal!!
Ryuk: I'm the Death God who owns that notebook. Since I dropped it, it's yours. Use it however you want.
Light: With this, I'll create a perfect world! (starts killing criminals)
Police: This is totally messed up. We should do something about this.
L: I'm already on the case. I'd like the assistance of the Japanese Police, specifically.
Light: BRING IT ON, L, I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN. Oh crap, I'm being tailed by the FBI. Meh. (eliminates FBI agents)
L: The mindset of the person committing these acts is "work with me to create my perfect world; those who oppose me are also evil and should be eliminated." Hmm... I suspect Light Yagami!
Light: I need to get rid of L, but I need a name and face, and his name is fake... the only way to keep tabs on him is to... JOIN THE INVESTIGATION TEAM!!
(And super mind games ensue)

Mamori: You've just entered high school, just make sure you don't fall into the wrong crowd, okay? ^_^
Sena: Sure :-D (kinda does) No, no, please don't beat me up! (runs away really fast)
Hiruma: Heheheheheh, I think I've found our running back! HEY YOU, JOIN THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL TEAM! But we can't have other schools know your identity or else they'll recruit you, so you'll wear this eyeshield on your helmet.
Sena: But... I just want to be the secretary...
Mamori: Sena, I don't want you to get hurt hanging around that guy, so I'll be a secretary for the team, too :-D
Hiruma: Hey, it's game time! Go get Eyeshield 21!
Mamori: It's weird, whenever Sena is here, Eyeshield isn't, and whenever Eyeshield is here, Sena isn't... they must not get along!
(A football game happens!)
Sena: Oh no, the opposing defense is insane. But I have to do it...
(Being anime, contact fouls don't happen, so a minor war breaks out. And then he runs for touchdowns and they run trick plays using him as a decoy, and woohoo.)

Gintoki: Hey, um, we don't really have a sequential storyline or anything, we just do crazy stuff in each episode...
Shinpachi: Yeah, right! You run this "Jack of All Trades" place and never take any jobs, and why the heck haven't we been paid this month? Or last month?
Gintoki: What's with you? You're as bad as the landlord.
Kagura: I ate all the rice again!
Shinpachi: AAAAAAAAAAH! Now what are we going to do?!
(Enter today's character of the day!)
Guy: I really need this favor...
Gintoki: Sorry, can't be bothered.
Guy: (tells sad story and Gintoki remembers something in his past)
Gintoki: All right... (and craziness ensues)

Alice: Our country has suffered because of the war, and now it's up to us to help rebuild! Carrying out our duty in the name of war relief, Imperial Army S.S. III! PUMPKIN SCISSORS!
Oreld: That's great, but those guys hoarding the supplies have, like, a tank. We can't exactly beat that with four people.
Oland: I'll take care of it. (opens his blue lantern, gets, like, shot by the tank, and then he beats it anyway with his crazy handgun)
Machs: Just what is he, exactly?!
Alice: You're lucky to be alive after that!
Oland: Yeah...
Machs: Captain Hunks, what kind of unit did Oland belong to during the war?!
Hunks: Invisible 9... they technically don't exist, so I wouldn't pursue it if I were you...
Some guy: I pursued it!
Research lady: You shouldn't have. (kills him)

Sarah: Big brother, I'll join the military so I can join you in space! (her academy is attacked and explodeded. Sees the attacker is...) Brother?
Ralph: (stares blankly and looks all hardcore)
Sarah: Noooooooooooo! I must know why. I'll change my identity and find the truth.
Other cadets: Psh, transfer girl is such a loner. Let's all not like her.
Sarah: I don't care. I'll work hard and go to where my brother is.
Ralph: (meanwhile, stares blankly and looks all hardcore. Then he attacks the training vessel and pwns most cadets)
Sarah: With this Strain... I'll reach my brother! (he retreats)
Other cadets: Our friends died!! WHY DIDN'T YOU PROTECT THEM?!
Other Strain pilots: STFU, fools. Sarah, we're here for you.
Sarah: Meh... (continues lonering)
Ralph: (meanwhile, stares blankly and looks all hardcore)

Ingram: Hehe, they'll never suspect this video game is actually training them to fly our new robots. Hey, that kid looks like he has potential.
Ryusei: I'll protect everyone... (fights alien robot) Oh crap, it's really attacking me! (beats it) Oh man... that was rough...
Ingram: We want you to join the Federation military and fly our robots.
Ryusei: Okay... I'll show you what I can do!! (gets pwned in exercises) What the heck?!
Hardened guys: Idiot, you need to work with your team or you'll die and take them with you. Just because you have a robot doesn't make you invincible. You think this is a game, huh?!
Zoldark: The alien invasion is coming and the Federation is doing nothing. Okay, we'll attack the Federation then! We'll either get them to pull their act together or conquer them and defeat the invaders ourselves!
(And there's about a zillion other pilots, they fight too and stuff. Woo!)
(Did I mention there are robot wars? Which are super?)


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Recursive Genshiken

Well, OVA 13 is out, and it's a great introduction to the two new club members. However, a new addition to the clubroom has caught my attention. Click on the picture for a larger version if you're still stumped.

Does this look familiar at all?


Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Truth about Detective Conan

After some thorough reasearch (50+ volumes of manga and 30+ episodes) I have discovered the true nature of Detective Conan. In reality, it is a HAREM ANIME. Evidence lies within.

Exhibit A: Childhood Friend - Ran

The canon love interest of Shinichi, Ran is your typical childhood friend, although she also exhibits some tsundere traits as well, which we are given in full force thanks to her excellence in karate. Likelihood of Hookup: High

Ran dreams of Shinichi and his good points.

More daydreaming.

Wistful memories.

Exhibit B: Energetic Crush - Ayumi

Innocent, cute, and wildly energetic, Ayumi represents what all the other girls WISH they could to do Shinichi/Conan. Definitely the most outgoing and forward of the contenders. Unfortunately, Shinichi only sees her as a little girl. Likelihood of Hookup: Low

She's already picked out the names of their children.

And the First Kiss award goes to...

Jealous, much?

Exhibit C: Older Woman - Terumi

Only a one-ended crush. ::sigh:: Likelihood of Hookup: Zero

Exhibit D: Genius Girl - Ai

Another shrunken genius, Ai shares something with Shinichi that Ran never could. Together they hide their deepest secrets, and Shinichi/Conan often relies on her for aid. Likelihood of Hookup: Decent

Ai informs Shinichi that she's "perfect" for him.

In need of someone to cry too.

Dreaming of Conan, huh?

Exhibit E: Dangerous Babe - Vermouth

Although she's from an evil organization, she seems to have a soft spot for Shinichi. Apparently something he said to her once really touched her heart. Aww... Likelihood of Hookup: Zero

Vermouth wonders about the boy whose words reached her heart.

And she imagines him sleeping. AWWWW...

Shinichi wakes up to find himself kidnapped by a crazy stalker woman.

Exhibit F: I needed another Exhibit - Heiji

Only looks bad out of context. Sorry to all the yaoi fans.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chevalier Ep01 - It's so pretty....

I love beautiful graphics, and every once in awhile, I'll see something that makes me think "Wow, that's beautiful." I was getting that sensation through the entire first episode of Chevalier. This show is beautiful, and the beauty is very fitting for the storyline. And not only is is pretty, the storyline is very interesting so far. Our hero, d'Eon is looking for the reason behind the mysterious death of his sister. But the plot seems pretty deep, with secret societies, strange symbols, and supernatural enemies.

I usually don't like CG backgrounds, but in this case, I'm willing to make an exception because it looks so good.

Mystery, action, and plenty of religious symbolism. Definitely an intriguing show that I'll be keeping my eye on this season. I'm looking forward to seeing the story played out.